About Us


Who We Are:

A Place for Peace is a community outreach and coordination program to assist individuals presently experiencing homelessness and/or at the risk of becoming homeless in the near future.  We assist by providing various training, job resources, food, basic hygiene items, and seeking to provide transitional housing in the very near future.  We are currently structured as a remote outreach organization that provide resources and coordinated referrals to our senior community, homeless people and those on the verge of becoming homeless. We believe no one should be left alone.  

A Place For Peace Foundation, Inc. believes: “self esteem is strongly influenced by one’s immediate surroundings” and providing these services will go a long way in helping beneficiaries to prevent diseases, lower health care costs, and fostering self-esteem which would aid in securing interviews and job opportunities.


What We Want:

Vision:  A world where homelessness and loneliness is non-existent.

Mission:  Our mission is to eliminate homelessness & loneliness in Georgia thru prevention, advocacy, and transitional housing.


What We Do:

-  Advocate for individuals experiencing homelessness now or at the risk of becoming homeless in the near future who are willing to work towards ending their homelessness.

-  Build an alliance with senior nursing homes to work together to assist in ending loneliness and isolation.

-  We value educating the public on ending the cycle of homelessness thru poverty.

-  Build an alliance with other organizations to work together to end homelessness.

-  We value a collective community effort.

-  Create opportunities for donors and volunteers to experience positively impacting the lives of individuals in need of the services we provide.